Level, Trends and Determinant of Fertility and Family Planning in Amhara Regional State: In-depth Analysis of EDHS 2011

With a total population of more than 19 million in
2012, Amhara is the second most populous regional
state in Ethiopia (CSA, 2013). Over the last decade,
family planning (FP) services and investments essential
for improving the health of women and children have
increased rapidly in both the country and the region,
fostering economic benefits and maximizing gains in
other development sectors.. Read Full Story Here
Case Study: Participatory Leadership for Climate Resilience - Setting Up new Resource Management Partnership 
The SCIP funded project of Population Health and Environment Ethiopia Consortium (PHE-EC) started pilot work in two of Ethiopia’s National Parks; the Awash National Park and the Simien Mountains National Park. The project started in April 2013. The project
is being implemented in partnership with the Ethiopian
Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA) and two NGOs. Read Full Story Here
Press Release: Protected Areas and Wildlife Management National Task Force Established
Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Ethiopian Wildlife and Conservation Authority in collaboration with Population, Health and Environment Ethiopia Consortium have established a National Taskforce on Protected Areas and Wildlife Management. The formation of the taskforce took place at Ghion Hotel on 22 of May 2014. . For more Information Click Here

Project Progress and Achievment Evaluation Report 

This project entitled “Building Institutional Capacity and Participatory Leadership in Awash and Simien Mountains National Parks for Resilience, Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change (BICAS-RMACC)’’ was developed under the framework of Strategic Climate Institutions Program (SCIP). The purpose of this progress and achievement evaluation is to draw lessons learnt from the pilot phase project which will be useful for the implementation of the next phase of the project. For more Information Click Here 

PHE Policy and Practice: International PHE Conference Brief
This brief from the second international Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) Conference shares key conference outcomes on implementation best practices; monitoring and evaluation; networking, advocacy, and media communication; and expanding and institutionalizing PHE interventions. The brief outlines needs, priorities, and ways that PHE implementers and advocates can capitalize on the conference to increase interest in and support of PHE integration. For more Information Click Here and the full Conference proceeding can be found Here.

New Videos on PHE Integration, Protected Areas and River Basins

Visit PHE Ethiopia Consortium’s Video channel on YouTube to explore our new videos on Integration of population, health and environment, Protected areas and river basins.