PHE International Conference held in Addis Ababa

International PHE Conference Closes with Renewed Momentum and Increased Profile Among Practitioners, Policymakers, and Donors
ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA, 11-12 November 2013 — The second International Population, Health, and Environment Conference, organized by PHE Ethiopia ConsortiumPopulation Reference Bureau (PRB) convened over two days in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, around the theme “Healthy Families, Healthy Environments”. Read Full Story Here
PHE is alive and kicking: inspiration and endorsement from Addis Ababa
The excitement was palpable as we gathered with almost 200 of the world’s finest Population-Health-Environment (PHE) practitioners, researchers and advocates in Addis Ababa for the International PHE Conference earlier this month! With all of us working on integrated projects encompassing family planning, community health, sustainable livelihoods and environmental initiatives, there were many ideas and progress updates to be shared. Read Full Story Here


PHE in Ethiopia: Implementation Models and Stakeholder Perceptions
To gain an understanding of how stakeholders perceive the PHE approach, government officials, donors and PHE EC members and partners were interviewed for this report. Collectively, PHE stakeholders see the value of integrated approaches and are supportive of them. However, they recognize that multi-sectoral projects face several challenges in overcoming the sectoral structures of governments and donors and in ensuring stakeholders across the sectors collaborate effectively. This report details the thoughts that these stakeholders have about these challenges and advise to PHE implementers for how to overcome them. For more Information Click Here

The Strategic Climate Institution Program (SCIP) Awash and Simien National Parks Project Brief
The STRATEGIC CLIMATE INSTITUTIONS PROGRAMME (SCIP) project mainly focuses on Building Institutional Capacity and Participatory Leadership in Awash and Simien Mountains National Parks for Resilience, Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change (BICAS-RMACC). Download the full project brief for Awash and Simien Mountains

Climate Change Impacts on Pastoral Women in Ethiopia: Some Evidences from the Southern Lowlands 
PHE publishes briefs on key issues of environment and development in Ethiopia. The main objective of the briefs is to communicate research findings and interesting observations on key and timely issues related to population and environment, climate change, health, and various aspects of development activities in the country to influence policy processes and development interventions by different actors.. Read Full Story. Here

PHE Spotlight Vol.1 No.7( Wolaitta Development Associaiton Site) 

WODA has been implementing its IPHE project since 2009 in three woredas (districts): SodoZurya, Ofa and DamotWoyde. 4 Ethiopia’s PHE Spotlight V.1 No.7 Ethiopia’s PHE Spotlight V.1 No.7 5
WODA’s PHE work is funded by the Consortium for Christian Relief and Development Association (CCRDA) through a grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. This Spotlight focuses on WODA’s work in the SodoZurya Woreda. . Here
The 7th PHE Ethiopia Consortium General Assembly Proceeding
The seventh PHE EC General Assembly (GA) meeting was conducted from March 12-15, 2013 in Addis Ababa with 66 participants from Africa and the United States of America. Each day of the GA featured different meetings including the PHE EC Business Meeting, a Donors’ Forum and a field visit. Read Full Story. Here