PHE Ethiopia Consortium Forum

PHE Ethiopia Consortium to Launch its first forum on 21 Nov

PHE Ethiopia consortium will officially launch its first forum on 21, November by the theme "Population and Climate Change". You can participate in the forum by registering here

PCCA Rio Zero Submission Final

The Population and Climate Change Alliance (PCCA) where PHE Ethiopia Consortium is a member, is a network of Non-Profit Organizations that works together on population and climate change issues through a loose umbrella coalition.. Read Full Story here

Rio+20 Narrative and Zero draft Sumbmission from a Development and Environment (DEG) sub-groups of a UK development NGO Network Sitting on her bed at Zomba Central Hospital, Patuma Dickson looks frail and tired. Although she does not know her age, one can clearly see that her burdened and wrinkled face speaks volumes of  hardships. She appears to be in her eighties. Read Full Story here

Renewable Energy and climate change nexus in Ethiopia

The goal of this assessment is to contribute towards promoting renewable energy for improved energy access and security, climate change mitigation and adaptation, and environmental sustainability in general. The focus is on exploring the role of renewable energy in climate change mitigation and adaptation in the Ethiopian context. Read Full Story here

Climate, Food Security & Growth: Ethiopia's Complex Relationship with Livestock

Despite a modern history of deadly droughts, famine, nearfamine, and persistent poverty, Ethiopia is not starting from zero. It is home to Africa’s largest livestock population, and is Africa’s top livestock producer and exporter (principally to the Middle East).Read Full Story here

Transforming a woman's Life throug Expanded Family Planing in Ethiopia

DFor more than 13 years, Worknesh Minilshewa and her husband have been farmers, raising cattle and caring for their large family in the rural Amhara area of northwestern Ethiopia. Worknesh married at the young age of 14. She gave birth to six children all before her twenty-seventh birthday. Read Full Story here