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PDF Proclamation 1113 final published
PDF PHE-integration-Programming-manual
PDF Yayu Coffee Forest
Biosphere Reserve Management Plan
PDF 11th General Assemble proceeding
PDF Proceeding of the Natinal Workshop on Linkages
PDF Press Release of the National Workshop on Linkages November 1 -2, 2016
PDF Proceeding of The second National Consultative Workshop on Integrated Watershed Management on Omo-Gibe Basin
PDF Press Release of 10th General Assembly Meeting of PHE EC
PDF 10th PHE Ethiopia Consortium General Assembly Meeting proceedings 2016
PDF SHARE-BALE Eco Region Project Communication and Visibility Strategy
PDF Poster used to illustrate the difference between families using family planning and not
PDF 9th PHE Ethiopia Consortium General Assembly Meeting Proceedings
PDF PHE Ethiopia Consortium Strategic Plan (2015-2020)
PDF PHE Ethiopia Consortiium 9th GA Press Release
PDF Journalists Trainings and Field Visits Proceedings From January 2011 – January 2013
PDF PHE Ethiopia Consortium 8th General Assembly Meeting Proceeding
PDF Proceedings of the National Taskforce Formation Conference on Protected Areas and Wildlife Managment
PDF PHE EC 8th General Assembly Press Release
PDF Proceeding Of Consultative Meetings on Reconciling Conservation And Development In the Lower Omo Valley
PDF PHE EC 7th General Assembly Meeting Proceeding
PDF Demand Driven Research Proceeding
PDF Validation Workshop on the Linkages of Population Food, Security and Climate Change Conducted
PDF Proceeding Of The National Workshop On Integrated Watershed
Management On Gibe-Omo Basin
PDF CIPHE Establishment & Launching Conference

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PDF Determination of Conservation Benefits and Carbon Sequestration Potential of the Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia
PDF A Resource Base and Climate Change Risk Maps
for Awash National Park
PDF Integrating Population, Health, and Environment Programs with Contraceptive Distribution in Rural Ethiopia: A Qualitative Case Study
PDF Population Health And Environment Glossary (Amharic)
PDF Case Stories From The Field - RH/FP and Livelihood Results through Integration of Population, Health and Environment (PHE)
PDF level, trends and determinant of fertility and family planning in Amhara regional state: in-depth analysis of EDHS 2011
PDF Case Study: Participatory Leadership for Climate Resilience – setting up new resource management partnerships
PDF Climate Change Toolkit for Schools Environmental Education around Simien Mountains National Park Amharic & English
PDF Community-Based Biofuel Development and Environmental Rehabilitation in Ethiopia: The case of Bati in Amhara Region
PDF The Strategic Climate Institution Program (SCIP) Awash National Park Project Brief

The Strategic Climate Institution Program (SCIP) Simien Mountains Nationals Park Project Brief

PDF Ethiopia Population, Health and Environment Champions Story Collection manual
PDF Climate change impacts on Pastoral Women in Ethiopia: some evidences from the Southern lowlands
PDF Effectiveness of the PHE Approach for Achieving Family Planning and Fertility Outcomes in Ethiopia (Policy Brief)
PDF PHE EC 7th General Assembly News
PDF Effectiveness of the PHE approach achieving FP and Fertility outcomes in Ethiopia: A comparative Study in the Guraghe zone
PDF woodrow wilson center's M&E series

Meeting The GTP Targets: The Contribution of Population, Health and Environment Integration Approach


Policy Brief on Improving Access to Family Planning and Food Security One and Two

PDF Three Years Strategic Plan of PHE Ethiopia Consortium (2011-2013)

PHE Report On Packard's First three years in Ethiopia