IRI appreciates that each organization possesses unique skill levels and has specific organizational needs. Thus, your feedback on components and concepts introduced in this training will be critical to producing follow-on material that further addresses the needs of all IRI’s beneficiaries.


  1. We ask that you share this training with the members of your Civic society team for whom program management concepts will be applicable. Each individual who completes the training will be eligible for a training completion certificate and  4G data reimbursement to cover the cost of data used for the training (see details below).
  1. In order for you and your team members to register, each individual needs to fill out the pre-test by 2:00PM on Monday, October 26, 2020. If you are unable to access the link by clicking on it, you can copy and paste the following address into your browser:
  1. Once each individual has completed registration via the pre-test (all fields are required for donor compliance), IRI will directly email them the link to access the training material on Google Drive, as well as a link to the post-test and evaluation form to complete the training.
  1. Upon completion of the training (as documented by completion of the pre/post-tests and evaluation form), IRI will transfer participants a 4GB EthioTelecom data package. The data transfer ensures IRI activities are compliant with the Government of Ethiopia on limitations of in-person public gatherings and meetings, while facilitating our partners’ participation in IRI’s online training activities.
  2. Only registered individuals that have received a direct link from IRI to the virtual training modules and complete the pre/post-tests and evaluation form will be eligible for the reimbursement. Following the verification of pre/post-tests by IRI staff, the data package will be sent directly to the individual’s personal cell phone.

Please use the cntact below  if you have any questions or any difficulties accessing the pre-test for registration. IRI Program Associate Bezawit Zekiros (; 093-062-8229) and Program Officer Melaku Asmamaw (; 091-878-0263) are available to assist as needed. We look forward to your feedback upon your completion of the training material, and are committed to providing additional remote support moving forward, as well as in-person training expertise when conditions permit.

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