Through  financial support of German Based Civil society organizations;  BMZ and KKS , Afromontane Biodiversity Conservation Ethiopia and Population , Health and Environment Ethiopia Consortium are implementing a project on  Improving the living conditions of the poor in 7 Kebeles  in Guassa, Amhara region through  harmonizing efforts for food security and environmental . The project launching program was undertaken on Feb. 23/2021 , at Atse zereyakob Building , Debirebirhan, Amhara Region.

Key stakeholders that are expected to play a vital role were invited and discussion on the objectives and the roles of each stakeholders were undertaken. Around 50 participants  that came from Regional, Zonal and Woreda, Kebele level representatives attended the workshop.

The major discussion issues were the on the objective of the project , the thematic areas that are going to be integrated in the project with identification of major roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders in the project .

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