Improving the living conditions of the poor in 7 villages in Guassa by harmonizing efforts for food security and environmental sustainability

Purpose of the project: adopt multi-sectoral integrated interventions to improve the livelihood of the community residing in the 7 kebels of Menz-Guassa while contributing for environmental sustainability of the Anaz-Guassa Community Conservation Areas.

Major components of the project: Diversifying alternatives income generating schemes; Establishing WSM approach for rehabilitating degraded communal land; Adopting PHE approach; Providing vocational training for unemployed youth; Ensuring multi-sectoral coordination and networking to improve food security and conservation sustainability in Anaz-GCCA


  1. Direct beneficiaries: 6000 (3110 male and 2890 female) beneficiaries living in 7 Kebeles adjacent to Anaz Highland and Guassa Community Conservation Area.
  2. Indirect Beneficiaries:60,000 people residing in Anaz-Guassa surrounding Kebeles
  • Other beneficiaries include communities living down 26 rivers that arise from the Anaz-Guassa area and flow to the Awash and the Nile Rivers.

Project Location