Growth for the Future ( CRV )

This is SIDA supported project, which is implemented in seven woredas of Oromia and Southern Nations and Nationalities People Regional States incorporating Abjata Shalla National Park and the Senkele Sanctuary. A consortium of five organizations namely Farm Africa (lead), SoS Sahel Ethiopia, IWMI, SEDA and PHE EC implements the project. Likewise, it is implemented with the use of integrated comprehensive interventions aiming at demonstrating multi sectoral and coordinated natural resources management practices with the aim of complementing and contributing to the GoE’s strategic agenda as indicated in GTP II and CRGE.

The project applies a consortium working methodology of integrated landscape management in both locations, a programmatic approach to synthesizing best practice, learning and policy advocacy on a set of common cross-cutting technical approaches to implementation. The programme will intensively apply participatory, multi-sector and actor engagement including establishment of actors’ platform to restoring, managing and using resources in a coordinated and integrated manner by fostering collaboration among multiple actors: community, private sector, CSO and government at various administrative levels. PHEEC’s role is similar to what we have at SHARE BER, but incorporating the park intervention at Abjata and Senkele sanctuary.

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Project Location