1  Case Study: Community Markets for Conservation (COMACO), Ltd 11.06.2015, 10:13
1  Case Study: Sak Plen REP (Full Sack Resiliency Enhancement Program) 11.06.2015, 10:12
1  Case Study: Ramba Kibondo (Live Long Child) Child Survival Program 11.06.2015, 10:09
Redirection: Desk Review of Programs Integrating Family Planning with Food Security and Nutrition (2015) ---
Redirection: /pdf/Livestock_And_Livestock_Systems_In_The_Bale_Mountains_Region.pdf Livestock And Livestock Systems In The Bale Mountains Region ---
Redirection: /pdf/A_Gender-Sensitive_Study.pdf A Gender-Sensitive Study of Perceptions & Practices in and around Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia ---
Redirection: To Build Resilience Through Development, Learn From Population, Health, and Environment Programs ---
1  New Guide Available for Implementing Population, Health and Environment (PHE) Projects 10.09.2013, 20:33
1  Ethiopia Shared Population, Health and Environment Monitoring & Evaluation Toolkit (2013 Edition) 25.02.2013, 15:32
1  Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) Community-Based Distribution and Peer Education System: Train-the-Trainer Guide for Training PHE Community-Based Distributors and PHE Adult Peer Educators Working on Integrated PHE Activities 17.05.2012, 09:38
Redirection: Kenya Population, Health and Environment Network 2011 ---
Redirection: Rio+20 zero draft: Recommendations and suggested text from the Population and Climate Change Alliance (PCCA) ---
1  Designing and Implementing Integrated Approaches to Population, Health and Environment (PHE): Workshop for Planners and Managers January 2009 PARTICIPANT MANUAL (English) 03.01.2012, 15:28
1  Designing and Implementing Integrated Approaches to Population, Health and Environment (PHE): Workshop for Planners and Managers January 2009 PARTICIPANT MANUAL (Amharic) 03.01.2012, 15:23
Redirection: Integrating Public Works and Cash Transfers in Ethiopia ---
Redirection: Important lessons to be learned from Ethiopia's Integrated Public Works and Cash Transfer Programme ---
1  Rio+20 narrative and zero draft submission from a Development and Environment (DEG) sub-group of a UK development NGO network. 06.11.2011, 11:12
1  PCCA Rio Zero Submission FINAL 02.11.2011, 09:32
PHE Youth Peer Education: A Guide for Training Youth Peer Educators Working on PHE Activities, June 2011 30.09.2011, 11:38
Pastoralism and Land 30.09.2011, 11:20
1  Population, Health and Environment Integration in Ethiopia: Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges 30.09.2011, 11:13
Redirection: BALANCED Newsletter examines links between PHE Approaches and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation ---
1  Population, Health, and Environment: Integrated Development for East Africa 30.09.2011, 11:09
Redirection: Forest for the future: Family Planning in Nepals Terai Region ---
Redirection: The Missing Links: Poverty, Population, and the Environment in Ethiopia ---
Redirection: Exploring the Links between Conservation and Health ---
1  PHE fact sheet; Why Population Matters to Natural Resources 30.09.2011, 11:01
Redirection: Issue 11: "Exploring the Links Between Conservation and Health" by Jane Goodall ---
1  Issue 12: "Lessons From the First Generation of Integrated Population, Health, and Environment Projects" by John Pielemeier 30.09.2011, 10:46
Redirection: Issue 16: "Poor Health, Poor Women: How Reproductive Health Affects Poverty" by Margaret E. Greene ---
1  PHE USAID Programming Manual 30.09.2011, 09:54
Redirection: The Benefits of Family Planning for the Environment ---
Redirection: A crisis of climate, food - and population ---