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Redirection: http://mailchi.mp/climateinteractive/adding-up-us-city-state-climate-action-big-c-roads-updates-and-more?e=6281d27134 Adding up US City & State Climate Action, Big C-ROADS Updates, and more ---
Redirection: https://www.aslm.org/stay-informed/press-room/news-articles/ ASLM 2017 Strategic Planning Retreat ---
Redirection: https://www.empowerwomen.org/en/community/stories/2017/06/kate-quarteypapafio-ghanas-leading-female-industrialist Scroll through our June/July news! ---
Redirection: http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-40596729 BBC News: Large carnivores pushed off the map ---
Redirection: https://t.e2ma.net/message/pzhedb/1cgnxr Making the Link | July 14, 2017 ---
Redirection: http://www.socialwatch.org Spotlight Report on Sustainable Development launched at the UN ---
Redirection: http://www.icimod.org/?q=28197 [mf-africa] Thematic digest on Mountain Climate Change - Issue 55 [14 July, 2017] ---
Redirection: http://populationandsustainability.org/conservation-programmes-can-strengthened-meeting-family-planning-needs/ Watch our event: A win-win for human and conservation health  ---
Redirection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX0q_NfCwFc&t=2512s Video of Family Planning and Conservation Event ---
Redirection: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/07/sea-level-rise-flood-global-warming-science/ National Geographic: Sea Level Rise Will Flood Hundreds of Cities in the Near Future ---
Redirection: http://mailchi.mp/iisd/iisd-newsletter-resilient-cities-uk-oil-zebra-mussels-faqs-1005249?e=b337cd076a IISD Newsletter: #HLPF2017 | Innovating for the SDGs | Big Data ---
Redirection: https://www.2030spotlight.org/en potlight Report: Means of implementation or means of appropriation? ---
Redirection: https://foodfirst.org/publication/food-climate-and-the-myths-that-keep-our-planet-hot/ The myths that keep our planet hot ---
1  Report Civil Society Panel Discussion AfDB AMs2017/Rapport Panel de discussion de la société civile aux AA 2017 de la BAD 13.07.2017, 18:26
Redirection: https://www.ined.fr/fichier/s_rubrique/26753/546.population.soieties.july.august.2017.immigration.unemployment.en.pdf Unemployment of immigrants:What is the share of discrimination? ---
Redirection: http://mailchi.mp/cgiar.org/tdc016vm9j-445646?e=1b2725d99f News Update: PMRV, REDD+, indigenous land and forest rights in Latin America, and more… ---
Redirection: http://ecoagriculture.org/blog/a-step-toward-a-sustainable-landscape-in-nicaragua/?utm_source=EcoAgriculture+Partners+Newsletter&utm_campaign=7986aea74e-Blog_Post_Emails&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_65ee559cb4-7986aea74e-150621809&mc_cid=79 New EcoAg Blog Post - A step toward a sustainable landscape in Nicaragua ---
Redirection: http://mailchi.mp/ifad/ifad-2016-annual-report-now-online?e=816cade578 IFAD 2016 Annual Report now online ---
1  ECSF Article on Addis Admas Newsletter 07.07.2017, 14:52
Simien Mountains National Park “ a world Heritage Property” Removed from the world heritage in endangered list 05.07.2017, 19:41
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